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Do you want to enhance the growth of your B2C products and services by reaching more than a million homes?

Activate a new channel to reach directly more than a million homes through Movistar+ in Spain. Create different experiences, publicize your service through this channel, attract new customers and position your brand at the forefront of innovation with Aura, our virtual assistant.

The companies accepted in the programme will incorporate their proposal to the Movistar+ Living App catalog for 3 months for free, receiving exclusive tools and services that will allow them to launch their Living App on TV.

The most successful Living Apps shall be selected to establish a commercial relationship with Telefónica and access to a second phase to enrich their service and get the most out of the TV channel.

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How does the programme work?

Platforms and Technology

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Living Apps
Do you want to reach more than a million homes through the TV? Join the Living Apps catalog!

- 3 months free access to the Living Apps platform by Movistar+ extendable by mutual agreement, offering content aimed at:

  • Making your brand and value proposition known.
  • Making your products and services known.
  • Offering a free tasting of your products/services through a different experience
  • Offering relevant content related to your products and services (e.g. games, videos, curiosities).
  • Inviting users to subscribe/ purchase your products and services with special conditions for Movistar Spain users.
  • The contents can also be dynamically updated during this period, in fact, we recommend you to do that to provide more value to users, generate recurrence in your Living App and communicate any update about your products and services that is relevant.

- Tools needed to build your first Living App without the need to implementing additional developments and including voice interaction with Aura. You will be able to transfer your messages to users in different formats (text, images, videos, carousels, background music), you choose how and what to communicate so that your product or service can thrive.

- The most successful LivingApps will have access to additional tools that will allow them to create extra experiences to enrich and complement the service they already offer in the traditional channels (applications or web) with the TV channel and Aura.

- Make us your proposals for your product / service that provide extra value to users by making the most of the home environment, a relaxed atmosphere that invites shared activities with family and friends, and group decision-making.

Creating your first Living App is very simple, development is not necessary. Our tools simplify all the complexity for you. However, we have professional teams that will support you at all times. In addition, you will receive online training aimed at making the most of your home experiences with Living Apps and the technology we make available to you.

Thanks to this, you will be able to have your Living App launched on Movistar TV in an easy and fast way.

Just by applying in the programme and being selected, you have already the opportunity to reach more than 1 million homes through television to position and grow your business. If your Living App is successful, you will also be able to establish a commercial relationship with Telefónica and access a second stage to enrich your service by getting the most out of the TV.

In addition, you will be in contact with other startups that are part of the Activation Programme, as Telefónica promotes networking and the interaction of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thanks to the collaboration with Wayra, our scale-up for start-ups, you will receive additional benefits for being part of the program:


We will analyse your potential to evaluate an investment opportunity by Wayra.


You can enjoy the perks of the Activation Programme getting discounts on various tools and free credits for AWS and GoogleCloud, among others.


Contact one of our hubs and opt to access its facilities if you need.

What countries can join Telefónica Activation Programme
 #LivingApps ?

Join now Telefónica Activation Programme #LivingApps for free


To participate in the Living Apps programme, your startup needs to:


Telefónica Digital Home

Digital Home is the area of Telefónica that develops the home platform, an ecosystem with unified services and own devices, based on security, connectivity and entertainment. It allows us to provide unique and exclusive digital experiences for the family, with the top speed and simplicity to more than one million Movistar customers.

We open our ecosystem to third-parties to enhance our offer, at the same time we look for ways to simply how our customers connect with our technology through Aura, Movistar virtual assistant, that allows the user to interact with our ecosystem through voice commands in a personalized way.

Telefónica Connected Open Innovation

Connected Open Innovation
unit is a force for transformation that drives open innovation within the new Telefónica.

Our initiatives include Telefónica Activation Programme, Wayra, Open Future, Venture Studio and our programme for disseminating talent and ideas in universities within our footprint.

Telefónica is a key player in the global ecosystem of new firms. Our commitment to Open Innovation is growing year by year and this will not change. We are constantly looking for new companies that have adapted to Telefónica to accelerate their business in areas such as IoT, Cybersecurity, IA, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Video, Connectivity... etc.

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